Student Life at the U of U SoD

Selection Criteria

Students are selected based on objective and subjective evaluations. Objective criteria include cumulative GPA, DAT scores and science grades. Other factors considered include, but are not limited to:

  1. Undergraduate research experience
  2. Quality of pre-professional education
  3. Community and volunteer service
  4. Leadership activities and other background information

Admissions Requirements

Education: All applicants are required to have a bachelor's degree from an accredited United States college or university.

Prerequisite coursework: To meet prerequisite requirements for admission and to gain necessary background for the study of dentistry, the following minimum education requirements must be completed before matriculation in the dental program at the U of U School of Dentistry:

Biochemistry 3 semester hours
Biology 6 semester hours
Chemistry, general/inorganic 8 semester hours
Chemistry, organic 6 semester hours
English composition/technical writing 6 semester hours
Physics 6 semester hours
Physiology 3 semester hours
Microbiology 3 semester hours

Recommended courses:
The recommended courses are counted towards elective credits and include the following:

  • Anatomy
  • Business
  • Cell biology
  • Communications
  • Computers
  • Ethics
  • Histology
  • Molecular biology/genetics
  • Additional biology, chemistry and/or physics courses
  • 3-Dimensional art

Job shadowing: 40 hours required; we recommend shadowing a minimum of four different dentists.

GPA: There is no minimum GPA requirement for acceptance. The average GPA of current students accepted into the program is 3.81 (cumulative) and (3.74)total science.

Dental Admission Test (DAT): All applicants are required to take the DAT and submit scores via AADSAS, preferably by October of the last pre-dental year. To be considered for admission, no minimum DAT score is required. However, the average of current students is 21 each for academic average, perceptual average, and total science scores. Test application information and procedures can be found on the ADA website. Submitted DAT scores must represent results achieved within the last 3 years.

Physical Ability Requirements: Applicants must be able to perform physical and manual functions, with reasonable accommodations, necessary to the performance of dentistry.

Letters of Recommendation: Submit three letters via AADSAS.

  • Two letters from science instructors who taught you in a classroom setting and assigned a grade.
  • One letter from a non-science instructor, dental professional, employer, supervisor or clergy.
  • A recommendation from a college or university committee is acceptable as an additional letter.
  • You may submit an additional letter attesting to character and fitness for the profession of dentistry.
  • The total number of letters should not exceed four.

Advanced Standing and Transfer Applications: The University of Utah School of Dentistry currently does not accept transfer students or participate in an advanced standing program.

Residency: We accept legal residents of Utah and surrounding states that do not have dental schools, with emphasis on Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii.

Application Procedures

The U of U School of Dentistry participates in the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Early application is strongly encouraged. Applications can be downloaded at the AADSAS website. Application forms must be filed between June 3 and December 31 of the preceding academic year for fall entry. All required credentials necessary to complete the application must be received by January 1; however, first round acceptances are offered beginning December 1. Application forms submitted after January 1 will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The Admissions Office will inform the applicant when his/her application has been received and processed.

Upon submission of the AADSAS application, qualified students will be sent a link to the supplemental application.

The following materials should be sent to the Admissions Office:

  • Supplemental application form.
  • Official DAT Scores, if not submitted as part of the AADSAS application.
  • A $75 non-refundable application service fee in the form of a check or money order payable to the University of Utah School of Dentistry.

Address all correspondence to the University of Utah School of Dentistry Admissions Office:

Admissions Office
University of Utah School of Dentistry
530 South Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Upon submission, all credentials become property of the University of Utah and are not returnable.


The Admissions Committee at the University of Utah School of Dentistry will review applications upon completion. Applicants are then selected for interviews based on information submitted through AADSAS and the supplemental application information. The Admissions Committee will notify selected applicants to arrange an interview in October 2015.

Tuition and Fees for the 2015–2016 School Year

Tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration and are due no later than the second Friday of each semester. There is no additional tuition for summer semester. Tuition and fees are subject to change annually.*

Utah Resident

Tuition: $18,047.00 per semester, $36,094.00 annually
Fees: $536.53 per semester, $1,073.06 annually
Dental Program Fees: $3,433.00 per semester, $6,866.00 annually


Tuition: $33,687.27 per semester, $67,674.54 annually
Fees: $536.53 per semester, $1,073.06 annually
Dental Program Fees: $3,433.00 per semester, $6,866.00 annually

*Approximately 5% increase expected for 2016–2017

Enrollment Reservation Deposits

First Deposit: A $500 deposit is required of each prospective student within 30 days of the initial acceptance letter. This deposit is credited to the first semester’s tuition. It will only be returned if the Admissions Committee cancels acceptance due to the applicant’s failure to meet conditions under which s/he was accepted.

Second Deposit: A second $500 deposit is required of each prospective student within 15 days of receiving a final acceptance letter, which will be sent to the accepted student after final transcripts are received. This deposit is also credited to the first semester’s tuition. If the accepted student fails to register, or withdraws after registration, the first and second deposits are forfeited to the university.

Financial Aid

Financial aid commitment cannot be made until a student is accepted for admission. Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 1 of the entering year.

Financial Aid Contact
Chelsea Springer
Program Manager Professional Schools
Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
Phone: (801) 581-6211
Fax: (801) 585-6350