Glen Hanson, Interim DeanThe University of Utah School of Dentistry (SOD) is the realization of many years of effort to provide the State of Utah with a leading dental institution integrated into the health sciences center of its flagship educational institution. The creation of this SOD assures that at a reasonable cost, exceptional students will have access to outstanding dental-related clinical, research, and health-care training and supporting resources. The University of Utah SOD is housed in a new state-of-the-art building that was made possible because of the generosity of visionaries, especially the Ray and Tye Noorda family, who appreciate the critical role of optimal oral care and dental training to the overall health of Utah communities and citizens.

The University of Utah SOD has been built on the vision that dental education for the future must reflect the translation of scholarship into leadership. While still extremely important, it is no longer sufficient to create dentists with only the technical skills to prevent and treat oral pathology. ‘Tomorrow’s dentists’ graduating from the U of U SOD receive unique training and skill sets to enable them to participate with other health care providers in a holistic way to address the complete health care needs of patients. Our graduates will possess the abilities and confidence to participate as equal contributing members of the health care team to develop public health policies and programs that optimize opportunities for complete health of communities.

While the University of Utah SOD acknowledges that its ultimate obligations are to the general population, dental community and health-related institutions of Utah, it also assumes a regional role. Thus, it is a provider of dental education for those surrounding states which lack the resources to build their own dental school, thereby helping these states meet the dental needs of their populations as well. We extend to their students and dental professionals access to the best dental education and services, in the same spirit as other nationally acclaimed U of U-based programs such as the HCI, Moran Eye Center, Orthopedic Center, and ARUP.

We extend a warm welcome to all future students, patients and visitors and invite you to learn about the University of Utah School of Dentistry.

Glen R. Hanson, DDS, PhD
Interim Dean
Professor of Pharmacology
Director of Utah Addiction Center