The University of Utah School of Dentistry hosted its annual faculty retreat at the Marriott Hotel in Research Park on November 1st and 2nd. The event attracted renowned leaders in the fields of dental curriculum design and evidence based dentistry. On Friday morning the presenter was Dr. Richard Niederman, DMD. Dr. Niederman’s presentation focused on the use of evidence based dentistry in a practice setting, and provided training in evidence based dentistry. Friday afternoon Dr. Timothy A. DeRouen, Ph.D., presented on creating and utilizing a practice based research network.

Saturday was focused on dental curriculum design and implementation. Dean Rena D’Souza, DDS, Ph.D., started the day with a dialogue on exploring different avenues for curriculum design.

Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, DDS, Ph.D., began the presentations for the day with a discussion on curriculum design and implementation. Following this presentation Dr. Ronnie Myers, DDS, presented on the curriculum at the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University. To complete the retreat, Dr. Frank Licari, DDS, MPH, MBA, presented on Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine curriculum

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Let's Connect Excercise Results:

As part of the retreat, participants were asked to pick adjectives that they hoped would describe the evolving program. The questions and results are listed below in a wordcloud, with the most frequent words sized the largest.

List two adjectives you would like students to use when describing the program:

word cloud of response 1

List two adjectives you would like faculty to use when describing the program:

second word cloud

List two adjectives that you would like patients to use when describing the program:

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