On Friday, August 16, 2013, the School of Dentistry held its first White Coat Ceremony for the inaugural class of 2017. The white coat is a traditional symbol of health care professions, and the bestowing of the white coat to the students of the Class of 2017 marks their entering the profession of Dentistry.

White Coat Ceremony

The Student Dentist Pledge:

"I accept this white coat as a pledge to all, that I will dedicate myself to the highest traditions and aspirations of the profession of Dentistry.

I will honor the sacred trust placed in me by family, peers, patients, co-workers, and institutions that rely on my skills and integrity for care, understanding and compassion.

With all diligence I will prepare myself through committed study and mastery of the principles and science of health, especially as they pertain to the oral health and overall well-being of my patients.

As a perpetual student I will continue to dedicate myself to use and advance my understanding, and to enhance my skills to better serve my patients and community.

I will exercise the rights, privileges and confidence bestowed upon me with commitment, competence and compassion in order to cultivate and represent the finest traditions of the dental profession."