Life as a Resident

Alberto E. Varela, DDS
2015-2016 Resident

My experience at the GPR was fantastic!  I was able to perform a lot of procedures I had never done before.  Placing dental implants and doing periodontal surgeries were some of my favorite activities.  Rotating through the operating room, emergency department, and hospital clinic helped me to better care for the medically compromised patient.  I learned to place IVs, intubate, bag mask, and more during my time at the hospital.  In essence, my hospital experience helped me to understand how dentistry can better interact with the medical profession.

In addition to participating in clinical activities, I also attended and benefitted from the weekly continuing education courses held at the dental school, VA hospital, and various other locations.  The wealth of knowledge presented to us on a weekly basis was instrumental in our improvement as clinicians.  Our monthly treatment planning seminars allowed me the opportunity to present complicated cases to my colleagues and get their opinions on how to best approach each case. 

The faculty and staff were great to work with and Dr. Proctor is a great director!  I would encourage any new dentist to apply to the GPR at the University of Utah.  You will not regret the decision.

Grant Matsuura, DDS
2014-2015 Resident

Life as a dental resident in Utah was very fun, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. I was able to enjoy the Utah Mountains. In the summer, I liked to go hiking and if you love to ski there are plenty of places to take advantage of. The ski resorts are only twenty minutes away from most areas around the valley.  During residency I was able to learn so much. Some of the areas I broadened my skills in were implants, periodontal surgery, endodontics, oral surgery and sedation. The residency program is what you make of it so try and take advantage of the amazing attending’s and opportunity that you have.

Nicole Major, DDS
2015-2016 Resident

The GPR residency has been a beneficial program for me and a great transition year from dental school to private practice. I felt like my dental school training provided me with a great foundation of learning and skills, but I wanted to learn more advanced techniques and also get accustom to treating and managing a large number of patients per day to keep up with private practice flow. We have specialists (periodontists, endodontists, an oral surgeon, and a pediatric dentist) rotate with us on specific days and it is great to be able to learn from them concerning more difficult procedures. I have been able to learn techniques for removing impacted third molars, placing and restoring implants, bone grafts, connective tissue grafts, more complex root canal therapies, and nitrous oxide or oral sedation for kids. I have had the experience performing dental procedures on special needs patients in an operating room setting at the hospital. This specific GPR program also gave me experience managing medically complex patients, such as those having organ transplants, undergoing radiation/chemotherapy, or with other illnesses. Overall, it has been a great experience and I am glad I chose to do a GPR. It has prepared me that much more for private practice!


Trever Gray, DDS
2014-2015 Resident


After graduating from dental school, I felt that I was ready to enter private practice but was lacking some skills that would accelerate my career to the next level. During residency at the University of Utah, I have come to realize that in order to give your patients the best treatment possible, you need to solidify the skills learned in dental school as well as learn advanced procedures. While here I have had the opportunity to complete numerous molar root canals under the trained eye of multiple endodontists who are willing and eager to help me learn.  I have placed implants and completed periodontal surgery which was unheard of in my dental school curriculum. Some of my favorite procedures have been completed while working with our oral surgeon.  I had the chance to remove full bony impacted wisdom teeth, and I feel comfortable with most extractions that come my way.  All the while I have solidified my restorative skills, treatment planning, and crown and bridge skills as a resident.  This program has been a great transition from dental school to practicing in the “real world.”  I would recommend this program to anyone who is eager to learn advanced skills and wants to improve their abilities as a private practice dentist.

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Craig Proctor, DDS

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