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School of Dentistry Research

Research at the School of Dentistry

The University of Utah School of Dentistry recognizes the vital role of research in the discovery, development, and eventual translation of new biomedical knowledge to identify and address oral health problems.

We are integrated with University of Utah Health and their outstanding tradition of biomedical research and translational philosophy.

Our research program is designed to foster collaborative efforts with investigators and clinicians to optimize unique resources and scientific expertise for both dentistry students and faculty.

Research Overview

    Few dental schools are located in a research-rich institution. To take advantage of these unique research opportunities, faculty members are encouraged to conduct interdisciplinary scholarly activity with established institutional programs like the Utah Addiction Center.

    Dental students have the opportunity to work with established, funded researchers and to present their research at national and international conferences. Recent student research includes the following:

    • Cell-Sheet Technology Regenerates Mouse Salivary Gland Functional Markers - Ryan Davis
    • Comparing Cell Sheet Technology With Fibrin Hydrogels for Salivary Gland Regeneration - Nicholas Propp
    • 5-Lipoxygenase Regulates SMG Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine Expression in a Sex-Dependent Manner - Emily Thomas
    • AT-RvD1 Treatment Decreases Levels of Pathogenic Signaling Proteins in NOD/ShiLtJSS-like Mice - Daniel Atkinson
    • Resolvin Producing Enzyme Levels in NOD/ShiLtJSS-like Mice Treated With AT-RvD1 - Abrahama McKay
    • Developing Protocol for Placing Dental Sealants in Rural Haiti - Adam Hine
    • Effect of Light Curing Directionality on Resin Shrinkage - Jacob Beckstrand and Taylor Hoybjerg
    • An In Vitro Analysis of the Effects of Ceragenins on Tooth Discoloration - Cory McLeod and Bracken Bateman
    • Project Blackroom: Where Dental Anatomy Meets Virtual Reality - Timothy Bitner

    For any pre-award grant assistance, please reach out to Brittany Thurgood, Pre-Award Grants & Contracts Officer.


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