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The mission of the University of Utah School of Dentistry is to advance health by:

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  7. Integrating oral care into total health


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Treating Substance Use Disorder with Dr. Glen Hanson
Jan 23, 2020

Treating Substance Use Disorder with Dr. Glen Hanson

dentistry, oral health, research, substance use

Dr. Glen Hanson is a tenured full professor of pharmacology and Vice Dean in the School of Dentistry. He was the acting director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and recognized as a leading expert on the neurobiology of the psychostimulants. Dr. Hanson has given several hundred presentations around the world on his research, and program development related to drug abuse and the Public Health implications. Dr. Hanson has recently been involved in studying the effects of including comprehensive dental care as part of the treatment for Substance Use Disorder Patients.... Read More

2019 Year in Review
Dec 31, 2019

2019 Year in Review

ENT, University Orthopaedic Center, Internal Medicine, University Neuropsychiatric Institute, University Hospital, Moran Eye Center, Clinical Neurosciences Center, Community Clinics, Huntsman Cancer Institute, ,

Highlights from 2019 exemplify how U of U Health is making a difference in individual and community health and quality of life. ... Read More

Neurobiology and Anatomy,Pediatrics,Psychiatry,Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,Biochemistry,Population Health Sciences,Biomedical Informatics
Comprehensive Oral Care Improves Treatment Outcomes in Male and Female Patients with High-Severity and Chronic Substance Use Disorders
Dec 18, 2019

Comprehensive Oral Care Improves Treatment Outcomes in Male and Female Patients with High-Severity and Chronic Substance Use Disorders

dentistry, addiction, substance use

Improvement in SUD treatment outcomes at discharge suggests that complementary comprehensive oral health care improves SUD therapeutic results in patients with SUDs. Integrated comprehensive oral health care of major dental problems significantly improves treatment of outcomes in patients whose disorders are particularly difficult to manage, such as patients with SUDs. These awards are presented in three categories: Biological, Biomaterials & Bioengineering and Clinical. The award is named for William J. Gies, the founder of the Journal of Dental Research. Nominations may be made by any person and the papers to be chosen must describe work which has very significantly advanced knowledge in some aspect of dental research. Papers eligible for consideration are those published during the 12-month period (July-June) immediately preceding the AADR Annual Meeting and IADR General Session. The awards consist of a monetary award of $1,000 USD and a plaque. The Gies Award is open to anyone who publishes in the Journal of Dental Research, the official publication of the IADR/AADR. The award in the Biological Research category was presented to Shihai Jia, Jing Zhou, Yinshen Wee, Marja Mikkola, Pascal Schneider and Rena N. D’Souza for the paper “Anti-EDAR Agonist Antibody Therapy Resolves Palate Defects in Pax9-/- Mice” (J Dent Res 96: 1282-1289). The award in the Biomaterials and Bioengineering Research category was presented to Kihoon Nam, Ching-Shuen Wang, Christina L. Maruyama, Pedro Lei, Stelios T. Andreadis and Olga J. Baker for the paper “L1 Peptide-Conjugated Fibrin Hydrogels Promote Salivary Gland Regeneration” (J Dent Res 96: 798-806). The award in the Clinical Research category was presented to Ivor Chestnutt, Rebecca Playle, Simon Hutchings Sarah Morgan-Trimmer, Deborah Fitzsimmons, Nadine Aawar, Lianna Angel, Sharron Derrick, Cheney Drew, Ceri Hoddell, Kerry Hood, Ioan Humphreys, Nigel Kirby, Tin Man Mandy Lau, Catherine Lisles, Maria Zeta Morgan, Simon Murphy, Jacqueline Nuttall, Kateryna Onishchenko, Ceri Phillips, Timothy Pickles, Charlotte Scoble, Julia Townson, Beverley Withers and Barbara Lesley Chadwick for the paper “Fissure Seal or Fluoride Varnish? A Randomised Trial of Their Relative Effectiveness” (J Dent Res 96: 754-761).... Read More


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