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Montezuma Creek

Montezuma Creek Community Health Center

GPR residents have the opportunity to work with a number of faculty dentists at Montezuma Creek Community Health Center, a clinic offering integrated medical and dental care alongside the Utah Navajo Health System (UNHS). The UNHS is a non-profit rural health system that provides medical and dental services to underserved communities in southeastern Utah, including the Navajo Nation. 

While residents primarily work in Montezuma Creek, they also have the occasional opportunity to work at UNHS clinics in Blanding and Monument Valley. 

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Montezuma Creek

Montezuma Creek Community Health Center serves patients in a facility with:

  • 10 operatories
  • 2 hygienists
  • 8 dental assistants

Blanding Family Practice

A Community Health Center, Blanding Family Practice is home to:

  • 10 operatories
  • 2 hygienists
  • 8 dental assistants

Monument Valley

Monument Valley Community Health Center sees patients in a facility with:

  • 6 operatories
  • 1 hygienist
  • 6 dental assistants

Brian Olsen, DDS

UNHS Dental Director, Adjunct Instructor at UUSOD

Working with a number of faculty dentists for a two-week period, residents see a minimum of eight patients per day, for ten hours each day, and four days every week. This gives residents plenty of time to see the natural wonders of Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, hike or mountain bike in Moab, or whitewater raft on the San Juan River. With Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and Valley of the Gods both being within driving distance of us, our clinics provide residents with ample opportunities to get the most out of their training experience. 

During their training, the University of Utah provides rent-free, fully-furnished housing for residents in Blanding, a town situated in San Juan County. Former residents report that they enjoy working with the wonderful people of the Navajo Nation, in addition to taking advantage of the region's abundant outdoor activity opportunities.

The GPR program in conjunction with UNHS practices gives dental residents the chance to make a real difference in the quality of life for underserved populations. Our attending dentists provide safe, high-quality, and comprehensive primary and preventive oral health services alongside onsite clinicians.

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