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The University of Utah School of Dentistry recognizes the vital role of research in the discovery, development, and eventual translation of new biomedical knowledge to identify and address oral health problems.

We are integrated with University of Utah Health and their outstanding tradition of biomedical research and translational philosophy.

Our research program is designed to foster collaborative efforts with investigators and clinicians to optimize unique resources and scientific expertise for both dentistry students and faculty.

Interdisciplinary Research

Few dental schools are located in a research-rich institution. To take advantage of these unique research opportunities, faculty members are encouraged to conduct interdisciplinary scholarly activity with established institutional programs like the Utah Addiction Center.




University of Utah Intramural Grants (Infoready):
Research Development Office (grant listings and some grant submission assistance):

Utah Initiatives:

Utah Genome Project (call for pilot grants each fall): (current projects)
Triple I Initiative (call for seed grants each fall): 

Internal Review Board (IRB) Process:

New Investigator Toolkit: 
Human Subject Research Training: 


Funding for Students:

Find undergraduate volunteers through the office of undergraduate research: (List of current volunteer opportunities for reference)   

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP): for students to get paid for working in lab/clinic over the semesters ($12.50/hr with $1500 per semester, 2 semesters). 

Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR):  Undergraduate summer program posted every fall for faculty to apply for funded position.  The university pays for a full-time undergraduate student for the following summer.

Small grants for Undergraduate Research Students (up to $200): 

Travel Grants for Undergraduate Research Students (up to $500):

A Competitive Mentored Research Program for Medical Students (Summer)

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