• Baker Lab

    The Baker Research Lab’s current interests concern the welfare of people who are unable to produce adequate saliva either due to genetics, autoimmunity, or side effects from treatments. Our lab currently studies salivary gland bioengineering, resolution of inflammation, salivary gland tight junctions, and effects of radiation treatment on salivary gland function.

    Olga J. Baker DDS, PhD

  • Fleckenstein Lab

    Dr. Fleckenstein's laboratory investigates receptor-mediated and subcellular mechanisms of damage to dopaminergic and/or serotonergic neurons in rodents, non-human primates, and humans. Our research interests include neuropharmacology, neurochemistry, and aminergic transporters.

    Annette Fleckenstein MS, PhD

  • Pinzon Lab

    The Pinzon lab focuses on dental materials, teaching, and research.

    Lilliam M. Pinzón MS, MPH, DDS