Life as a Resident

Nicole Tasooji, DMD
2018-2019 Resident


The GPR at the University of Utah was an invaluable experience that far exceeded my expectations. The motto of the program is “MRB - Maximum Resident Benefit” and they truly strive to provide this.  

In this program you quickly build upon your predoctoral skills and excel in many facets of general dentistry including prosthodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. Many of the cases you have on a daily basis are very advanced and many of the patients tied to each case are of complex medical needs. Treating patients with complex medical needs is a whole new challenge in itself that you become proficient in managing during your training at the U of U. This is a skill that I feel will help me serve my patients and community better in practice.

I really loved and appreciated the dental trauma experience I received since the U of U is the only Level 1 trauma hospital in the state of Utah. I saw many complex fractures and treated many complex patients.

The OR experience is first-rate. You get to help a truly underserved population with their dental needs. You also get to do surgeries with the oral surgeons that you will probably never do again, unless you decide to specialize in OMFS. You learn how to function as a dentist in the hospital and integrate with other departments to best serve your patient. A very unique experience that I feel will set me apart in my career.

Anesthesia rotation is a great experience because you get to put your ACLS training to use. You also learn how to place IVs and dive into the science and practice of general anesthesia.

The attendings are all very experienced and insightful. They are willing to teach you, but also give you space to let you learn on your own.

Some of the great procedures I got to do are all-on-4 and all-on-6 implant cases, veneers, plenty of full bony impacted wisdom teeth and enough general dentistry to feel proficient to step into any general practice in the country.

I am originally from San Diego, so Utah was a change of scenery for me. I loved exploring the mountains and all the national parks. The adventures are endless. It was fun exploring downtown Salt Lake and Sugarhouse, which have a surprisingly fun and exciting culture. It’s a great mix of mountain town, urban, and rural all joined together to form this beautiful city.  

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